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80 years of history

This school was established through a donation from a Lutheran church in Pennsylvania, USA, at the end of the Meiji period in 1908. That five dollars was given to open a school for girls. In 1926 the dream of starting that school came true with the opening of Kyushu Jogakuin (Kyushu Girls School). With the philosophy of not only being part of society, but of helping it as well, a four-year liberal arts college, Kyushu Lutheran College, was established in 1997.


For those people who want to gaze into their future and know themselves; for those who want to discover the world.

The Humanities department changed in April 2007,from four main courses to two majors: The Career English Major and the Children’s Studies Major.
In the Career English Major, we emphasize communicative English. Speaking, Listening, and presenting in English are taught in small classes. At the same time, in The Career English Major, combined with IT, Marketing and Business, students are trained to become "top notch" business persons.
The Children’s Studies Major aims to train a child care specialist full of love and sympathy. We have already started a "Kids Soccer" program and "Kohitsuji no kai."
At the adjacent Kyushu Lutheran Kindergarten, the Children’s Studies Major students will have an opportunity to participate in a practicum.
Both Major’s goals are to nurture specialists who are capable to work in the real world.
We faculty members do our best to help them acquire needed knowledge and skills, so that they can graduate in four years with confidence.

Clinical Psychology

4 The 21st century is "the era of the mind." Become a specialist of the mind.

Within our department of Clinical Psychology students study the diversity of human growth, development and disability. The foundations of these studies are history of psychology, human development, and psychological disorders. Also, a variety of specialized areas in mental health and welfare, counseling, and treatment of disorders are involved in our studies. All of the subjects will be put into good use after graduation, when true practice begins.

The Cross-cultural Practicum

Discover a sense of the “international” in yourself and find your own way.

This college has a philosophy of "Global training": nurturing our students to be capable in today’s global society. With that in mind, we offer the Cross-cultural Practicum so that students can individually become conscious, as global citizens in the world around them while experiencing life abroad. The merit of such a program is that students who experience this can put into practice what they learn from other cultures.

Volunteer Practicum

Educating students to think of the rich life and future that can be opened up for others through volunteering.

At this college we aim at educating students toward a life of volunteerism in a society full with diverse values. Our philosophy is that it is important to develop a sense of the true life of others and what they experience. Through the Volunteer Practicum our students can have the opportunity to experience just that.

Work-intern Practicum

Career awareness - Aiming at training highly motivated future employees.

The Work-intern Practicum involves our students in experiencing real-life job situations off campus for a short period. This gives them the opportunity to get a fix on a career that might suit them and their own talents.